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Revenue Cycle Services for Emergency Physicians

DuvaSawko attributes their success to being owned and operated by ED physicians. As leaders in Emergency Department Revenue Cycle Management, the team at DuvaSawko has the unmatched ability to deliver positive results to your practice and your bottom-line.

Revenue Cycle Services

  • BILLING DuvaSawko’s experienced team has the distinct advantage of skill and execution on their side.
  • CODING & COMPLIANCE The key to superior coding is to efficiently and effectively mitigate compliance risk while improving accuracy.
  • DENIAL MANAGEMENT The Denial Management division of DuvaSawko has the resources and processes in place to effectively track appeals and underpayments.
  • CLAIMS RESEARCH & RECOVERY Maximize revenue capture and simplify the billing and collection process.
  • PAYMENTS & REFUNDS Our completely streamlined approach to payment processing and refunds ensures that all payments are posted with the highest level of accuracy to significantly virtually remove the potential for errors.
  • REPORTING & ANALYTICS DuvaSawko’s proprietary web-based practice monitoring system delivers detailed interactive reporting and analytics.

Complimentary Analysis

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Leading Technology

Proprietary software assures accuracy and integrity in the claims handling process…


DuvaSawko reports are objective, accurate, timely. Prior to our engagement with DuvaSawko, coding, billing, and collecting was a great deal of effort for us. Since we have been associated, the burden of trying to make sure the system continues to work has simply been lifted from us.

Richard Stromberg, M.D.
Emergency Resources Group

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