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 Balance Billing: 3 Strategies for
Simplifying Collections 

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Change Is Upon Us: Emergency Medicine groups are now facing the potentially damaging effects of Balance Billing on their practice. Balance Billing, or more commonly known as 'Surprise Billing', is when providers send patients a bill because the entirety of their services aren't covered by the insurance company.

Learn the three most effective strategies to simplify your collections process and be proactive about the changes that come with balance billing.

What Does Balance Billing Mean for Emergency Medicine?

The presence of Balance Billing affects many specialties, however, it can have a potentially damaging effect on Emergency Medicine groups.

Balance the Space

The team at DuvaSawko has detailed the implications that Balance Billing will have on the Emergency Medicine market in their newest Whitepaper, Balance Billing - 3 Strategies For Simplifying Collections!

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What You'll Learn

How to measure the financial impact leading to necessary cash flow changes and budgetary adjustments.

How lowered revenues can impact staffing changes and how to efficiently mitigate them using a proven model.

What your EM group can do to put a team in place who understands the intricacies of Balance Billing. 

Balance Billing Book art