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Maximize Profitability of Your EM Practice with Our Medical Billing Outsourcing Services Tailored for Emergency Room Physicians


According to industry estimates, as much as 40 percent of claims between medical providers and insurance companies have discrepancies. To make matters worse, a study from financial software company Intuit found that 41 percent of consumer’s lack confidence that the amount they are billed is accurate.


If these issues aren’t enough for emergency medicine (EM) physicians to deal with, they also must try to keep abreast of new medical billing rules and regulations. This means time and energy invested into continuing education, new emergency billing software, and less energy invested in patient care.


Physicians are increasingly plagued with trying to ensure the best level of care to their patients while trying to balance the business side of today’s dynamic health care market. In an effort to get back some of the estimated $125 billion left on the table each year due to poor revenue cycle practices, it’s no wonder emergency practices are considering medical billing outsourcing for their financial gain.


Why Should Your Emergency Medicine Facility Consider Medical Billing Outsourcing & Coding?


Many EM practices think that outsourcing their medical billing is too expensive, but the reality is many of them can’t afford not to do this. If billing processes continue to result in denials or untimely reimbursements, the overall health of a practice suffers, not to mention the potential for compliance and regulatory infractions.


With DuvaSawko’s medical billing services crafted specifically for EM physicians and facilities, you’ll no longer have to worry about the burden of knowledge, time, and effort that goes into getting reimbursed.


With DuvaSawko you get:


  • A team of dedicated and highly-trained revenue cycle management professionals who can streamline all your billing.
  • In-depth Reporting & Analytics that give you full visibility into your practice’s performance
  • Freed-up doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers who no longer spend time on billing and can focus on patients.
  • Up-to-date software, coding, data reporting, and compliance with the latest health care laws.
  • Reimbursements paid quicker and more accurately than ever.


Our system allows rapid responsiveness to changing regulations without a version lag. We provide the most efficient revenue solutions through custom programming and automation of all applicable aspects of revenue cycle process.


  • Charge entry
  • Electronic billing
  • Claim review
  • Eligibility verification
  • Patient statement/claim creation


Our secure transfer of transactional data into billing application is just one step in a very intricate process.


Daily integrity checks, maintenance procedures, and data validation results in high-quality service delivery to our clients and supports end-user activity.


DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing Technology

We are a physician owned and operated company with some of the most advanced EM Revenue Cycle Process solution in the business. Our solution, a powerful combination of people, software and a very specific process designed to maximize reimbursements while lowering costs and mitigating compliance risk, also includes:


  • Ensure every possible dollar is collected
  • Accelerate collections
  • Stay up-to-date with all regulatory updates, payor issues and provider changes
  • Provide robust reporting
  • Proprietary Billing Software

  • Standard Reporting Package

  • The Practice Monitor

  • Ad Hoc Reporting

DuvaSawko Testimonials

“DuvaSawko is clearly superior to other billing companies I’ve worked with. They’re professional, accurate, insightful, and able to help us gather the information we need for all aspects of revenue and compensation planning. Clearly the best billing company I’ve worked with over the last 35 years of practice.”

-William E. McConnell, DO, MS, MBA, FACEP, FACOEP
CEO, Emergency Medical Associates of Tampa Bay


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