Challenge: Low Collections

Lost or missing revenue can greatly slow down any business. Learn about this common challenge ED group’s face and how DuvaSawko can help.

“How Can DuvaSawko Help With Low Collections?”

To maximize revenue and manpower hours, small and large emergency departments should work with a billing and coding partner who actively pursues self-pay collections and ensures the highest levels of collections.

You’ll be able to collect more revenue and reduce your group’s compliance risks, especially since legal, payer, and patient rules keep changing.

Partnering your independent emergency medicine group with DuvaSawko means your team can take a proactive approach to improve collections and you can concentrate on care and satisfaction scores

Low Collections May be a Result of the Health of Your Practice

If you feel that your emergency medicine group is missing out on reimbursements you are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that $125 billion is unaccounted for due to poor revenue cycle management practices such as poor reporting, weak collection processes, and spotty technology.

DuvaSawko’s collections services are geared specifically towards emergency medicine groups and were designed by emergency medicine professionals who understand the challenges with low collections and their causes. 

To correct this issue, here are a few reasons you should consider outsourcing your medical billing to DuvaSawko. 

Partner with us and get:

DuvaSawko has solutions to all your compliance challenges

We are experts in collections. Contact us today to see how we can provide solutions for your ED.

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