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Nearly every emergency medical department has or will experience denied healthcare claims at some point or another and for a myriad of reasons.


A clean claim denial rate can be calculated based on the count of claims denied divided by the count of claims submitted. DuvaSawko has a significant clean claim rate of 92%  with 8% errors including registration errors and technical issues. Obviously, the lower your EM department’s denial rates the better, as this showcases consistent and more timely cash flow.


However, health insurance claims are progressively getting harder to process as the years go on. Fee schedules are declining, updates to procedure bundling are frequent, requests for documentation to support the billed charges is increasing, complex ED claims require expertise, and the presence of higher-deductible health plans mean the margin of error for submitting claims that will be declined for patient responsibility is growing.


Emergency Medicine practices that try to keep up with these challenges often struggle to maintain consistent cash flow and are plagued by revenue cycle management hurdles that threaten overall practice health.


The experts at DuvaSawko dedicate significant personnel resources to unpaid claim tracking for AR management.  Our detailed and accountable process gives us the ability to aggressively pursue unpaid claims to ensure maximum revenue capture and ultimately, ROI.


Why should your EM facility outsource the handling of claims research and recovery?


The goal of DuvaSawko’s dedicated Claims Research and Recovery department is to ensure complex auto accident and worker’s comp claims are billed appropriately and paid, and to effectively manage the reimbursement process.


Emergency Medicine practitioners, whether they be the physicians themselves or administrators, are often focused on running the business, and are not dedicated to continuous improvement in the claims management process. To be successful with claims research and associated reimbursement, we will take into account and effectively manage your Workers Comp, No Fault MVA & Fault/Tort MVA claims.  The team is also trained on researching all payer information for billing through our comprehensive communication.


DuvaSawko’s proven Claims Research & Recovery Process allows us to find previously unknown accident insurance information that was not provided upon registration and track unpaid motor vehicle accident claims at 45 days and Workers Compensation claims at 60 days!


In addition to helping your EM department work on future and upcoming claims, we will also assess the current state of your financial, technical and operational business components.


What you get with DuvaSawko’s Claim’s Management


  • Dedicated staff that undergoes constant training and industry best-practices to support professional fee billing
  • Accountability that is shared between front-end and back-end staff
  • Superior reporting around your key performance metrics

DuvaSawko Testimonial


DuvaSawko is clearly superior to other billing companies I’ve worked with. They’re professional, accurate, insightful, and able to help us gather the information we need for all aspects of revenue and compensation planning. Clearly the best billing company I’ve worked with over the last 35 years of practice.

– William E. McConnell, DO, MS, MBA, FACEP, FACOEP, CEO, Emergency Medical Associates of Tampa

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