Medical Billing & Coding Outsourcing Services

At DuvaSawko, all coders are certified in nationally recognized coding credentials


In the quest to have an impact on the US economy, you can rest assured that all coders are US-based DuvaSawko employees. We don’t use contractors of any kind to get the job done.


Each coder is assigned to specific clients for familiarity, consistency and continuity of performance.


Our quality control and compliance program was designed to adhere to all relevant standards, ensure staff is properly trained, monitor the constantly changing regulatory environment and implement timely changes to maintain compliance.


As a team, we strive for optimal coding accuracy to receive the maximum reimbursement legally entitled for our clients.


Our coders are held to a higher than national industry standard benchmark for accuracy; 3% vs 5% and they are regularly and routinely audited to maintain compliance standards


Our robust training program is tailored to the experienced new hire or to coding interns in our custom-designed DuvaSawko Coding Academy.