Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from DuvaSawko

We are living and working in an unusual time. We have rarely, if ever, experienced pandemics such as this one that we currently face. As increasing data and recommendations are being disseminated, DuvaSawko has been taking stringent steps in the past few days in strategic planning for the well-being of our workforce and our business continuity. We have taken several approaches in terms of protection and prevention, which includes education, notification and strict social distancing requirements for our teams. At the present time we have no confirmed or presumptive cases of the illness and no-one quarantined.

Thankfully, due to our sophisticated automated processes and our remote coding workforce, the coding of charts and automated electronic claim submission continues without interruption. The team has been taking all the necessary precautions to segregate specific business functions to operate in their intended capacity from home.

We have detailed business continuity processes in place for emergencies such as this. As we progress through the effects of this pandemic, we will be implementing a staged approach to our business operations to address any additional changes that we may encounter.

Obviously, all US companies are facing the similar obstacles with the Coronavirus at this time. Although our team has the necessary processes in place, we have no control over what trading partners or payers will experience in response to our claim submissions. As a result, we do advise fiscal preparation and consideration in the event that there is a slow-down in payer processing of claims. As it relates to DuvaSawko clients, if we see that, or any significant changes to their business occurring, their Account Manager will notify them immediately. As a precautionary measure, we would advise you to proactively anticipate potential fluctuations.

As you continue to plan for these unexpected changes, our thoughts and prayers are with you and all your providers during this challenging time in healthcare.


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