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Revenue Cycle Dedicated Account Management

Of the nearly $3 trillion spent annually on healthcare, about $400 billion goes into managing revenue cycle related services. The current healthcare environment is complex; increased risk, declining reimbursements, regulatory changes, claims processing and collections are just a few of the challenges EM departments face every day.

DuvaSawko can help you efficiently navigate these challenges with unmatched expertise.

When an Emergency Medicine department considers revenue cycle performance, they are generally considering two things:

  1. What does revenue cycle management cost?
  2. How much does revenue cycle management collect?

With DuvaSawko, your Emergency Medicine department gets a dedicated account manager to help address the above revenue cycle needs at all times.


Our account manager is outstanding!! She makes all the difference.

– Lissa Singer

Our account manager has been extremely helpful, especially during our transition from our old billing service. Duva-Sawko has gone “above and beyond” to meet the needs of our practice.

– Stephanie Daves

Our Account Manager is amazing. She’s patient and thorough. Extremely responsive.

– Lindsay Crenshaw

With DuvaSawko you get:

  • Expert analysis of your practice’s performance-your dedicated account manager will assess key performance indicators such as visit count, charges, payments, adjustments and RVUs to assure accuracy and accelerate collections.
  • Identify business trends- we’ll guide you in making better business decisions that will save you valuable resources and have a significant impact on practice revenue.
  • Customized reporting– We will tailor reporting to your specific needs on an as-requested basis.
  • Business growth strategies– a partner whose sole responsibility is to help you become more profitable will view your practice from every angle.
  • Personalized Service Approach– a dedicated team that cares about your success and is always accessible to assist you and your patients.
"DuvaSawko reports are objective, accurate, timely. Prior to our engagement with DuvaSawko, coding, billing, and collecting was a great deal of effort for us. Since we have been associated, the burden of trying to make sure the system continues to work has simply been lifted from us."
Richard Stromberg, M.D.
Emergency Resources Group

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