Why ED Physicians Still Love What They Do after Years On The Job

They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. According to the most recent American Board of Emergency Medicine Longitudinal Study of Emergency Physicians, 65.2% of emergency department physicians would agree with this statement, reporting high levels of career satisfaction.

So why the love affair with emergency medicine? That’s a question that may be on the minds of Emergency Medicine Physicians already in the field and many medical students as they go through the process of deciding which specialty they’ll choose to follow.

In this article we find the answers in our chat with Dr. Stephen Knight, an ED Physician who shares the knowledge he has amassed after 3 decades in emergency medicine.

Dr. Knight’s invaluable insight into Emergency Medicine, showcases the good, the bad and the components you may never have thought of.

No Two Days Are The Same

ED Physicians are considered the true generalists as they are some of the only providers required to have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of medicine. This, in an era where most medical professionals are confined to their respective domains of specialty, provides an interesting array of diversity within their work.

Anything is possible as emergency physicians begin each shift knowing that there is an unlimited variety in the types of cases that will make their way through the hospital doors. As Dr. Knight points out, this element of unpredictability brings with it a thrilling rush and excitement. There is never a dull moment as you encounter incredible, and sometimes horrific, scenarios each day. This lends itself to a collaborative environment according to Dr. Knight. “The E.R. is controlled chaos and I was the conductor of the band. I like that team effort.”

As the first MD to see patients in the hospital, they tackle undifferentiated complaints head on requiring them to quickly assess and diagnose patients based on chief complaints. This is in contrast to other specialties who deal with patients who have preexisting diagnoses.

This is the ideal domain for anyone who would grow bored of the monotony associated with other specialties. As an ED physician, you become well-versed with the wider breadth of medical knowledge required to treat the vast variety in patient complaints.

Emergency Medicine Is Life Saving Work

The nature of an emergency room visit means ED physicians often find themselves dealing with potentially life threatening situations.

These higher acuity medical cases not only make the job more interesting, they enable emergency physicians to make a real positive impact on the lives of their patients.

There is no greater feeling than seeing the gratitude in a patient’s and their family’s eyes when you and your team have managed to successfully treat them.

According to Dr. Knight, ED physicians love what they do because they get to go into work each day making people’s lives better stating “that was the part I liked the best. The ER portion. The right here, right now, immediate gratification.”

Greater Work/Life Balance

ED Physicians enjoy an enviable level of flexibility in their schedule thanks to a shift work set up.

Working at a higher intensity for shorter periods of times affords a greater sense of work/life balance. Having the freedom to set up your schedule and not being on call allows ED physicians to have a life outside of their careers.

For Dr. Knight, this flexibility to find work/life balance extends beyond the doors of the hospitals he works in. He attributes his success to the mission trips as these allow him to give back and find a sense of purpose. In order to truly be successful in the field, he advises new physicians to find their own way of giving back and finding purpose.

Emergency Medicine is an exciting and rewarding specialty. It requires a very specific set of skills including an ability to think quickly on your feet, a fondness of procedures and an unshakeable comfort with potentially harrowing traumas.

Over the years, ED Physicians develop a level of grit and tenacity required to manage each challenge medically, intellectually and emotionally. Needless to say it offers professional rewards that make it fulfilling and worthwhile.

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start an emergency department medical practice – 6 easy steps

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