Hospital Cyber Attack: Is Your ER Ready

Disconcertingly for any hospital management staff, hospital cyber attacks have been on the rise in 2021. Earlier this year, two hospitals in France experienced cyber-attacks within a single week.

But the problem doesn’t just lie in Europe; it’s a concern across the entire globe.

With the continued digitization of healthcare, hospital cybersecurity is more critical than ever, especially in fast-paced emergency departments where vulnerabilities may slip through the cracks. 

Here, we’re going to outline some common security threats facing hospitals today. Then, we’ll also look at several ways you can prepare for them in your ED.


What Are Common Healthcare Security Threats?

The healthcare sector is at risk of some security threats that are unique to the nature of the profession. It’s vital to understand all of these potential occurrences, so you can adequately guard against them.

One of the most common cyber-attacks – and one you’re likely to have heard of – is phishing.

Phishing is a malicious cybercrime where perpetrators contact victims, pretending to be from an organization. In this case, individuals pose to be from a hospital, contacting patients through email or other correspondence.

The phishing tactic is usually done to steal money or information from a patient under the ruse that they are a legitimate hospital contact. Due to the nature of the ER and the emotions involved, this is a particular security concern to bear in mind. Be sure to read up on phishing so that you’re better aware of the nature of this crime.

Unfortunately, there are other even more common and more serious matters. The main concern for hospitals should be malicious network traffic: a way criminals infiltrate a network to steal data on individuals or an organization itself. Within a hospital, this is especially concerning, as it means stealing patient data.

Though these are the two main concerns facing hospitals, another key component includes general browser use. 

Hospital cyber attacks have become a severe point of concern and show no signs of letting up in the future. 

With the proper software implemented for your billing and coding, you can eliminate the risk of security attacks. 

If you have any questions about your Emergency Medicine group’s performance, please contact our team directly.

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