Reporting and Analytics for Emergency Medicine Physicians

Unrivalled Analytics and Reporting Capabilities by Industry Experts at DuvaSawko

5-step-reporting-graphicFor many emergency medicine practices, reporting and analytical data tells them where to focus their problem-solving efforts. Having full control over financial and clinical data on a daily basis allows them to asses valuable practice data, analyze the past, and make decisions for the future.


However, having access to reporting and analytical data is worthless if there is not someone who reviews it every day and makes timely decisions based on it.


This is why DuvaSawko is one of the most highly-regarded Revenue Cycle Management solution providers in the business – with the help of dedicated account managers you’ll be able to interpret sophisticated data while getting expert insight into how you can use it to help your practice grow.


Why use DuvaSawko’s Reporting and Analytics Interface and Dashboards?


All Our Data Is Supported by Our Proprietary Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Software Platform Which Is Fully Integrated with DuvaSawko’s Billing Application


Our comprehensive monthly static reporting package is augmented by our Practice Monitor and Dashboard which provides clients with detailed “on the fly” information and analytics unmatched by competitors. These tools aid decision-making and improve practice performance.


With DuvaSawko you get:


  • “Practice Monitor” and its graphical companion “Dashboard;” proprietary decision-support tools based on Key Performance Indicators and trend outliers with real-time results querying against the millions of data lines in our data warehouse.
  • 24/7 access via web-portal with extensive, customizable reporting capabilities.
  • Metrics reviewed by dedicated Account Managers and senior leadership on a daily basis to provide timely recommendations to clients on effective strategies to improve practice efficiencies.


DuvaSawko EM Reporting & Analytic Tools: Practice Monitor


With our proprietary reporting and analytics software, you’ll have access to a decision-making tool based on KPIs and trend outliers and can instantly view the status of measures such as:


  • Visit Count
  • Procedure Count
  • Charges
  • Payments
  • Adjustments
  • RVU’s
  • Turnaround Times


All measures may be plotted or filtered by various attributes, such as:


  • Time
  • Cost Center
  • Payor
  • Provider
  • Procedure Code
  • Patient Age
  • Service Dates
  • Posted Dates


All this data is updated daily, lives on the cloud, and is available through our Client Portal. Learn more about our technology.


DuvaSawko Reporting and Analytics Testimonial

“Dr. Holland, our Group President, and I have been reviewing the reports and talking about how happy we are that we finally made the switch to DuvaSawko. You have provided so much valuable data that we have never received before. I continue to be impressed with everyone I deal with there and the results we are seeing. I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

-Kim Emrick, Practice Manager, M.D., FACEP


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At DuvaSawko, we know what it takes to be a successful emergency department practice. With our tools, you’ll be able to quickly determine the health of your practice and help it make it more profitable than it’s ever been. In fact, our clients, on average, see increases in revenue between 10 and 30 percent annually.


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