DuvaSawko SOC 2 Certification

DuvaSawko has recently earned a SOC 2 Certification for their emergency medicine revenue cycle management services, providing clients further transparency into operations and the assurance that their revenue cycle partners are evaluated by a trusted independent source.

DuvaSawko recently received a “clean” SOC 2 report from an Independent Service Auditor on DuvaSawko’s Description of its Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management System and on the Suitability of the Design of its Controls Relevant to the Trust Services Criteria. As a US-based billing & coding partner, DuvaSawko wanted to do more for its clients to ensure that a third party was vetting information systems controls. With the SOC 2 certification, DuvaSawko and their revenue cycle management clients can now lean on the additional attestations to have even more confidence in their services.


These Service Organization Controls (SOC) are independent third-party reports that attest to the processes and procedures of partners like DuvaSawko. The SOC 2 report covers management’s assertion, the auditor’s opinion, description of services, and the results of testing controls.

“Emergency medicine groups choose to utilize revenue cycle management partners like DuvaSawko as these services are a core competency of ours and we can often provide the services more cost effectively and efficiently than they can internally. 

However, this SOC 2 report provides our clients an additional level of transparency into the specific controls implemented to protect information by leveraging industry standard security frameworks. It also gives peace of mind that they have partnered with a company that has undergone the necessary third-party evaluations by a qualified AICPA assessor to ensure controls effectively meet objectives.”

-DuvaSawko Chief Information Officer, Tim Branz

With control assurance mishaps making healthcare news regularly, the SOC 2 report is a great tool for showing commitment, trust, and value to partners. Looking towards the future, more independent emergency groups will be seeking this level of security from partners, and DuvaSawko has shown that they are willing to go the extra mile to control environments and help clients reduce compliance costs.