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 Break Away from the Group to Start an Emergency Medicine Practice: 6 Steps to Success 


Are you and your fellow emergency department physicians looking to
take the next step by starting your own independent democratic ED practice? 
Download this whitepaper to get all the steps that will ensure your success as you go out on your own.

How do you break away from the group and start an emergency medicine practice?

We’ve created a how-to guide that will identify the process,

along with the necessary steps to ensure your success.

Learn the 6 Steps to Success


Developing A Strategy

Learn how to develop a strategy that will guide you, your partners and investors into a successful Emergency Medicine Practice.   


Finding Internal Partners

Learn how to establish internal partnerships that are rewarding and ultimately take your new Emergency Medical Practice to fruition.  


Knowing the Laws

Learn how to become well-versed  and in compliance with your state's health care laws when launching your new practice. 


The Licensing Process

Learn how to start the State Licensing process, NPI (National Provider Identifier #) process and credentialing at the hospital, and with payers.  


Funding Your Practice

Learn how to avoid large amounts of debt, create well-thought out operating budgets and the options of small business loans vs. private investments. 


Finding External Partners

Learn how Emergency Medicine Billing Management specialists can ensure that all aspects of you new business venture is sound and successful.