Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Reynolds, a native of Sheffield, England, is a seasoned corporate executive with proven success and experience in administration and operations of revenue cycle management.

Jill is the expert on the DuvaSawko process.

Prior to her appointment as CEO of DuvaSawko in December 2019, Ms. Reynolds served as the Chief Operating Officer for over 15 years, having functioned in many capacities for the firm since its inception in 1998. Her range of expertise spans the areas of management, training, business operations, finance, process innovation, strategic planning and business development. At DuvaSawko, Jill has been responsible for all day-to-day operations. During her tenure, she has been instrumental in devising and enhancing companywide processes, along with building the strong leadership infrastructure that has propelled DuvaSawko’s lasting success and reputation within the Revenue Cycle Management industry.