Tailored Technology

Tailored Technology to fit your
emergency room's
every need

Tailored Technology to fit your emergency room's every need

DuvaSawko’s customized software solutions offer clients a unique user-experience unlike any other in the industry. 

We realized early on that billing and coding for ED groups is unique, and our solutions are built with that distinctive feature in mind.

revenue cycle management

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"DuvaSawko reports are objective, accurate, timely. Prior to our engagement with DuvaSawko, coding, billing, and collecting was a great deal of effort for us. Since we have been associated, the burden of trying to make sure the system continues to work has simply been lifted from us."
Richard Stromberg, M.D.
Emergency Resources Group

Unrivalled Analytics And Reporting Capabilities By Industry Experts At DuvaSawko

For many emergency medicine practices, reporting and analytical data tells them where to focus their problem-solving efforts. Having full access to financial and clinical data on a daily basis allows them to asses valuable practice information, analyze historical data, and make decisions for the future.

However, access alone has no value. DuvaSawko regularly monitors the data and provides timely best-practices guidance. This is why DuvaSawko is one of the most highly-regarded Revenue Cycle Management solution providers in the business. With the help of dedicated account managers you’ll be able to interpret sophisticated data while getting expert insight into how you can use it to help your practice grow.


Why Use DuvaSawko’s Reporting And Analytics Interface And Dashboards?

Understand your practice data and when it will change
Understand your practice data and when it will change
Identify trends affecting your overall numbers
Identify trends affecting your overall numbers
Pinpoint areas for improvement and revenue-loss
Pinpoint areas for improvement and revenue-loss
Make valuable business decisions with quality data
Make valuable business decisions with quality data
Grow your practice
Grow your practice

All Our Data Is Supported by Our Proprietary Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Software Platform Fully Integrated with DuvaSawko’s Billing Application

Our comprehensive monthly static reporting package is augmented by our Practice Monitor and Dashboard which provide clients with detailed real-time information and analytics unmatched by competitors. These tools aid decision-making and improve practice performance.

With DuvaSawko you get:

DuvaSawko EM Reporting & Analytic Tools: Practice Monitor

With our proprietary reporting and analytics software, you’ll have access to a decision-making tool based on KPIs and trend outliers and can instantly view measures such as:

KPIs can be reviewed by multiple attributes such as:

All this data is updated daily, is stored on the cloud, and is available through our Client Portal. Learn more about our technology.

“Dr. Holland, our Group President, and I have been reviewing the reports and talking about how happy we are that we finally made the switch to DuvaSawko. You have provided so much valuable data that we have never received before. I continue to be impressed with everyone I deal with there and the results we are seeing. I can’t thank you enough for your help.”
Kim Emrick
Chief Operating Officer

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We have shown practices how to positively impact revenues by between 10 and 30% annually.

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