Tailored Technology

DuvaSawko’s proprietary software assures accuracy and integrity in the claims handling process, while accelerating collections. DuvaSawko’s billing software and Practice Monitor analytics are designed to measure and ensure that every possible dollar is collected; preventing any collectible revenue from slipping through the gaps.

DuvaSawko recognized early on that the billing process is dynamic with ongoing regulatory updates, payor issues and provider changes.  That’s why DuvaSawko developed its own billing software and analytics programs. Standard reporting includes reports such as: Revenue Per Patient, E&M Level Distribution, Turnaround Times, Cash Posted, Payor Mix, and RVU Productivity. In addition to standard reporting, DuvaSawko’s Practice Monitor  provides in-depth custom reports. Practice Monitor is a powerful business intelligence tool; affording us the ability to guide you in making better business decisions that can save you valuable resources. This provides the ability to view your practice from every angle imaginable.

  • Proprietary Billing Software

  • Standard Reporting Package

  • The Practice Monitor

  • Ad Hoc Reporting

Provide Client with monthly reports containing statistical information, including, but not limited to:

  • Activity  Summary by Date Posted
  • Activity Summary by Month of Service
  • Daily Visit Reconciliation
  • Visits Summary
  • Aged Accounts Receivable by Date of Service
  • Aged Accounts Receivable by Posted Date
  • Progression Reports – Visits, Adjustments, Charges, payments
  • Collections by Payer
  • RVU Report
  • Visit Code Distribution
  • Billing Summary Report
  • Provider Number Holds Report
  • Collectible Receivables
  • Procedure Code Frequency
  • Diagnosis Code Frequency
  • Medicare Visit Code Distribution

Customized ad-hoc reports also available on an as-needed basis.

  • Developed and Maintained 100% in-house by DuvaSawko IT Department
  • Direct claims submissions
  • Medicare Fiscal Agent Approved Sender
  • Availity Technology Partner
  • Automated Medicaid Eligibility batch inquiries and response processing
  • Automated Electronic Remit Posting

DuvaSawko participates in the CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), enabling revenue bonuses on covered fee schedule charges.

  • Decision making tool based on key performance indicators and trend outliers
  • Instantly view status of measures such as:
    • Visit Count
    • Procedure Count
    • Charges
    • Payments
    • Adjustments
    • RVU’s
    • Turnaround Times
  • All measures may be plotted or filtered by various attributes, such as:
    • Time
    • Cost Center
    • Payor
    • Provider
    • Procedure Code
    • Patient Age
    • Service Dates
    • Posted Dates
  • Data updated daily
  • Web based and available 24/7 through Client Portal
  • Live Demo provided with Financial Analysis – Submit your request or call us now at 386.274.7836

Complimentary Balance Billing
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